Pioneers in renewable energy research and technology

ITP is a global leader in renewable energy engineering, strategy and construction, and in energy sector analytics. Our expertise spans the breadth of renewable energy and energy storage technologies.

We work with you at the local level, providing a unique combination of experienced renewable energy engineers, specialist strategic and policy advisors, as well as experts in economics, markets and financial analysis.

Our clients include governments, development aid agencies, energy utilities, financial institutions, the R&D community and private firms and investors.

You benefit from our extensive professional backgrounds in industry, academia and government.




ITP and the ITP Energised Group.

Since opening our Canberra head-office in 2003 we have opened offices in New South Wales, South Australia and New Zealand.

As part of the wider ITP Energised Group, we draw on more than 35 years of experience delivering more than 2,000 contracts in over 150 countries worldwide.

From the outset, the ITP Energised Group has focused on providing specialist advice and engineering services for renewable energy projects in developing countries – supporting international aid agencies and local communities to build reliable and affordable energy supply systems. Over the years, this has expanded to include providing a full spectrum of services in developed nations worldwide. Within the Group, ITP Renewables leads work in the Australasian and Pacific region and works globally with our Group partners.

ITP Thermal was established in early 2016 as a new company within the ITP Energised Group specialising in technical advice on sustainable thermal energy including solar thermal, industrial process heat, hydrogen, ammonia and thermochemistry.