Keira Doherty


Keira Doherty is a renewable energy engineer who has been working at ITP Renewables for three years, since graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Science double degree from the Australian National University. She is currently the Project Manager of the Kiritimati Island Energy Sector Programme (KIESP). This is a joint European Union and New Zealand Government programme that has seen the construction of a high voltage network and new solar, diesel and battery hybrid power stations on Kiritimati Island, Kiribati.

Keira was also involved in developing the Kiribati energy sector least-cost plan, which identified a least-cost pathway for the Government of Kiribati to attain its renewable energy targets. Other recent projects of Keira’s, such as the Endeavour Energy SolarSaver Program and SA Water Oak Valley solar/battery installation, have drawn on her experience in project management, engineering design and customer service, to be successfully delivered within budget and to the client’s satisfaction.

Keira has an interest in seeing the widespread utilisation of renewable energies, particularly throughout the developing world. She enjoys working with Pacific Island governments to see these projects successfully implemented.

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