Keith Lovegrove

Managing Director of ITP Thermal Pty Limited

Keith is a leading expert in concentrating solar power (CSP) and has more than 20 years’ experience in leading solar thermal research, including 15 years teaching at the ANU as leader of the Solar Thermal Group. A major achievement was leading the design and construction of the largest concentrating solar dish in the world (500m2) in 2010. Keith has won a number of prestigious research awards, was a Member of the Australian Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council working group on Energy Water Carbon intersections, has advised the Australian Office of Chief Scientist on Solar Thermal Power and edited the 2012 book, Concentrating Solar Power Technology – Principles, Developments and Applications.

Keith has spoken extensively around the world at conferences and in the media on Concentrating Solar and related topics. He has held board positions in the ANZ Solar Energy Society, and been a key contributor to the International Energy Agency SolarPACES program.

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