Endeavour Energy SolarSaver Program

ITP Renewables is delighted to have been commissioned by Endeavour Energy to deliver the Endeavour Energy SolarSaver Program.  This Program is a community initiative that will help address the challenges associated with peak energy demand, whilst saving consumers money through the provision of more effective and efficient energy usage solutions.

The economic feasibility of installing a residential energy storage system has markedly improved, with continued battery technology improvements and increased economies of scale driving battery prices lower.  The Endeavour Energy SolarSaver Program makes batteries a more financially attractive option for consumers, by allowing selected homes with existing solar systems to install battery storage systems at a significantly subsidised cost.

Distributed small-scale battery banks also have broader community benefits, by helping to address the challenges of ‘peak demand’.  Cutting demand on over-loaded parts of the electricity network during peak usage periods ensures this Program will reduce the need for future investment in electricity network infrastructure, saving everybody money.  This is one of the key objectives of the Program. Click here for more information.

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