Since opening our Canberra head-office in 2003 we have opened offices in New South Wales, South Australia and New Zealand.

As part of the wider ITP Energised Group, we draw on more than 35 years of experience delivering more than 2,000 contracts in over 150 countries worldwide.

From the outset, the ITP Energised Group has focused on providing specialist advice and engineering services for renewable energy projects in developing countries – supporting international aid agencies and local communities to build reliable and affordable energy supply systems. Over the years, this has expanded to include providing a full spectrum of services in developed nations worldwide. Within the Group, ITP Renewables leads work in the Australasian and Pacific region and works globally with our Group partners.

ITP Energised
Based in the UK, ITPEnergised was formed following the acquisition of IT Power Consulting Limited by Energised Environments Limited. ITPEnergised is the trading name of the merged businesses. ITP Energised is the original parent company of the group, leading group projects in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Americas.

ITP India
Based in India and established in 1997, ITP India incorporates IT Power Private Limited and IT Power Consulting Private Limited. ITPI leads projects in India and other parts of the region.

ITP Thermal
ITP Thermal Pty Ltd is headquartered in Australia, and provides leadership in thermal and chemical energy related projects globally for the ITP Energised Group.

ITP China
ITP China leads projects in China in collaboration with other Group companies.