ITP Renewables New Zealand

ITP Renewables New Zealand office specialises in renewable energy consulting in New Zealand and the Pacific region.

Manager, Graham Henricksen, heads up this division of ITP Renewables from our New Zealand headquarters in Auckland.

Our New Zealand office provides local access to the full suite of ITP Renewables and IT Power Group services, tailored to the needs of New Zealand clients and sectors, and led by local staff.

As with the Australian division, our New Zealand team possesses a range of skills and expertise that covers both the renewable energy sector as well as other sectors. This diverse knowledge base means we can provide a more comprehensive suite of renewable energy services than many other consultancies, as well as complementary services such as project governance and stakeholder engagement.

Specialist services available through our New Zealand team include:

  • renewable energy policy and research advice, development and support
  • full suite of renewable energy engineering services
  • renewable energy project development
  • project and program management services
  • project governance and stakeholder engagement services.

Contact us to find out how we can help with your project or learn more about the services our New Zealand division offers.