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Dr Muriel Watt AM


Northern Rivers, Australia

Muriel is highly regarded internationally for her expertise in solar and energy policy. She has worked with government agencies, universities and industry in the areas of renewable energy development, policy and application since 1980. Significant past appointments include Associate Professor, School of PV and Renewable Energy Engineering, University of NSW, Chair of the Australian PV Institute, Chair of the Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society, Chair of the Policy Group for the Australian CRC for Renewable Energy, Australian Executive Committee member on the IEA PV Power Systems (PVPS) Implementing Agreement, member of the Australian Solar Institute Research Advisory Committee and member of the Solar Flagship Education Infrastructure Fund Advisory Board.

Muriel has a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) from the University of New England and PhD from Murdoch University. Muriel is currently appointed to the Advisory Panel for Zero Emissions Byron.