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Ishpreet Singh Chawla


Canberra, Australia

Ishpreet is an Engineer who joined ITP in December 2019. Has a Masters in PV and Solar Energy Engineering from the University of New South Wales and a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from SRM University, Chennai.

At ITP, Ishpreet works in the Engineering team, working on various projects using his immense knowledge of PV technology, design expertise and experience with software including PVsyst, HOMER Pro, AutoCAD and PVcase. He works on a broad range of projects ranging from Solar Farm design and BESS design, load flow studies, schematics and layout drawings, yield assessments, due diligence projects, financial modelling and feasibility studies. He is the project manager for ITP’s Lithium-Ion Battery Test Centre, where he is also involved with regular maintenance, monitoring and analysis of the batteries being tested.

He has past experience in the residential solar industry, working in development and support for an online solar design and proposal generation platform for installers.