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Joshua Jordan

Senior Engineer

Canberra, Australia

Josh has worked as an engineer and analyst in the renewable energy sector for 10 years. He specialises in solar PV and battery technologies, and their integration into power systems of all types and scales.

As an engineer, Josh has worked across the entire project spectrum, from scoping/pre-feasibility to detailed feasibility, procurement, construction, commissioning and performance monitoring. As an analyst, he has studied and reported on PV, battery and electricity markets, designed and built PV, battery and hybrid power system simulation/optimisation models, and authored electricity sector investment plans for commercial clients and national governments.

He has worked on residential, commercial and utility-scale projects in both urban grid-connected and remote off-grid applications. He has written and delivered training courses in solar PV, battery storage, cost-benefit analysis, and power systems modelling, and written Masters-level courses in hybrid power system modelling for universities in Australia and abroad.

Earlier in his career, he worked with university research departments in Australia and the United States, developing solar thermochemical storage technologies.

Josh holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and a Bachelor of Science (Physics) from the Australian National University, and is currently undertaking a Masters of Environmental & Resource Economics at the Australian National University part-time.