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Matthew O’Regan

Senior Engineer

Canberra, Australia

Matthew has 13 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector, working mainly in Australia and the Pacific region. His areas of expertise are the design and specification of grid-connected and off-grid/mini-grid renewable energy systems, and integration of renewable energy technologies on existing networks.

His career began working with off-grid, residential and small commercial solar systems; designing, specifying and working with installers through project delivery. For several years he was head trainer at Australia’s foremost solar qualification training organisation, predominantly delivering training domestically with periodic international course delivery. As the renewable energy industry grew, so too did the scale of projects on which he worked; from tens of kilowatts to megawatts. With this change came an increased scope for his work, from the design of these now much more complex systems to include the completion of power system analysis; HV protection design, steady state analysis and power quality/frequency injection studies for 30+ megawatt-scale developments.

Dispersed throughout this time has been what he considers his most rewarding work; the completion of projects focussed on the reduction in reliance on diesel as an energy source in remote areas and Pacific Island nations. In these projects he would typically engage with stakeholders, conduct feasibility assessments, specify an appropriate solution, and act as principal’s engineer throughout delivery; although his roles in these projects have also varied from designer to compliance inspector to project manager to consultant.

Matthew has a Bachelor of Photovoltaic and Solar Energy Engineering (Honours) from the University of New South Wales.