Philippe McCracken

Principal Engineer

Philippe is the Principal Engineer at ITP Renewables. He has extensive experience in remote area PV hybrid mini-grids in the Pacific, as well as large-scale grid-connected PV experience in the Pacific and in Australia. His skillset bridges the technical, managerial and financial aspects of renewable energy projects, having worked variously as lead design engineer, project manager, contract manager, and financial analyst. His experience both as client-side engineer and as lead design engineer on implementation projects have given him a good understanding of the real-world challenges of implementing renewable energy projects. He brings this practical experience to the Engineering Team at ITP Renewables.

Philippe has a EUREC Masters in Renewable Energy from the University of Oldenburg and University of Kassel, and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ottawa. He also sits on the Standards Australia EL-042 committee and has taught a postgraduate course at the University of New South Wales on mini-grid design and optimisation, with applications in remote areas or on sites wanting to minimise usage of grid electricity and make use of local renewable energy resources.

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