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Through our wider ITP Energised Group, we have long-standing expertise in the development of tidal current and wave energy converters. Today ITP Energised is leading the commercialisation of marine energy systems through innovation and technology incubation. ITP Renewables collaborates closely with the UK team, and together we were responsible for the Renewables South Australia Assessment of Oscillating Water Column generators and the Kaipara Harbour Tidal Energy Assessment.

The successful launch of ITP Energised’s own marine technologies brought concepts to pre-commercial status, with the landmark installation of the world’s first commercial-scale marine-current turbine off the coast of north Devon in 2003. The marine current turbine has become synonymous with marine power and renewable technologies of the future.

ITP Energised closely tracks development in the marine energy sector, with the online ITP Energised Marine Energy Technologies Database, which holds the details of over 140 wave energy converter technologies.
Other marine energy projects include:

  • Assessment of Marine Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Generators – Renewables SA
  • Kaipara Harbour (NZ) Tidal Energy Assessment – Crest Energy.

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