ITP Renewables provides design, owner’s engineer and independent engineer services, project and construction management, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) management, and due diligence assessment.

Our staff have been involved in wind projects at every stage of the project lifecycle and our experience covers:

  • Site identification and selection using wind mapping from local to global scales
  • Wind monitoring programme design and management including equipment specification, data management and quality assurance. Monitoring programme activities include:
    • monitoring tower approvals, installation, and decommissioning
    • installation and commissioning of monitoring stations,
    • unscheduled and scheduled maintenance and trouble-shooting
    • wind data collection and storage
    • data processing including uncertainty analysis and long-term wind speed estimations.
  • Site evaluation, wind turbine site matching and wind farm design development and optimisation through the application of wind flow modelling and wind farm modelling.
  • Planning applications and approvals including preparation of specialist studies covering wind turbine sound emission levels, shadow flicker, blade glint and land scape impact.
  • Redesign of wind farm projects to suit the client’s preferred wind turbines
  • Due diligence on wind farm acquisitions.

Our ITP Energised Group partners in the UK also have significant wind project experience, including with offshore wind technologies.

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