Open Source Grid Integration Modelling Project

ITP is delighted to have received funding from Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the Governments of NSW, Victoria and South Australia to develop an Open Source Grid Integration Modelling Tool.

A lack of detailed analysis and absence of user-friendly tools to guide policy makers, regulators and investors is exacerbating investment and regulatory uncertainty about how the NEM might transition to a low carbon power system.

Modelling work to date has not examined, in detail, the lowest cost transition pathways and the optimal integration strategy for large shares of variable generation (e.g. wind and solar); storage (e.g. thermal, battery and hydro); energy efficiency and demand side management into the NEM. There are gaps in our understanding of how the existing generation fleet might evolve over time and what integration difficulties and solutions may arise.

To tackle this problem, we are developing a modelling tool that will, for the first time, allow all stakeholders, including decision makers, energy system planners, regulators and project developers to freely undertake extensive scenario modelling that will provide insights into potential pathways for the evolution of the NEM from the present day to a low-carbon power system.

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