5B Maverick 500kW demonstration installation


ITP Renewables and 5B worked in partnership to explore a range of options for optimisation of the design and installation at the Capital East Solar Development Part 2 (CPLSD2). The 500kW installation was the largest deployment of 5B’s Maverick product at installation. The Sydney based start-up has designed a 12kW modular pre-fabricated array block that is low cost and 100% portable. This project aim was to test three different cabling methods for larger installations and compare material and labour cost. ITP Renewables was integral in selecting the final three configurations. ITP Renewables supplied the following services:

  • design and procurement optimisation for the direct current (DC) system
  • compliance feedback on a large range of options
  • procurement and electrical contracting work
  • detailed testing and commissioning of the DC electrical connections.
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