Energy audit and PV pre-feasibility for Gungahlin Health Centre

The Gungahlin Health Centre provides a variety of health services to the Gungahlin community in northern Canberra. The ACT’s Carbon Neutral Government Team engaged ITP Renewables to conduct a Level 2 audit of the Health Centre, including a PV pre-feasibility and a study on gas replacement options.


The Health Centre uses gas for hot water heating, and heat pumps for space heating and cooling. The Carbon Neutral Government Team wanted to assess options for replacing the gas water heating with electric water heating, identify opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades (whether through architectural modifications, equipment replacement or changing of setpoints), and examine the potential for roof-mounted PV to reduce the health Centre’s electricity bills. ITP conducted a Level 2 energy audit of the facility, undertook a financial analysis for the gas replacement and installation of a PV system on the Health Centre’s roof, and provided recommendations for next steps for implementation.

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