UNSW Grand Challenge on Climate Change

Energy Transitions Blueprint

UNSW engaged ITP Renewables in 2017 to develop a blueprint for how Australia and the world can transition its energy systems to address climate change.


The report was one of three ambitious blueprints address the world’s most significant challenges on energy, health and justice, as part of the UNSW Grand Challenge on Climate Change. Dr Muriel Watt, lead author of the Blueprint says “It is clear that the future of global energy systems is renewable and electric. Global investment in renewable energy generation has surpassed fossil fuel generation for the past three years and the easiest way to decarbonise heat, transport and industrial processes is to shift these sectors from direct fuel combustion to renewable energy based electricity.

Australia has a unique opportunity to lead the energy transition and to assist others in our region”. Drawing on our depth of experience in energy market policy development, the report also shows that future energy systems will be distributed and consumer driven, digital, flexible and more global and more local.

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