Grid-connected solar PV on Sydney landfill sites

Feasibility study

Property New South Wales (PNSW) and Waste Asset Management Corporation engaged ITP to investigate the technical and financial feasibility of installing solar PV on remediated landfill sites at the Eastern Creek Resource Recovery Park and Castlereagh landfill.


ITP visited sites and conducted a technical feasibility study to determine the optimal technical options for the respective sites. The most viable configurations identified were ballasted tracking mounting systems, ballasted fixed tilt mounting system or short penetrating east-west mounting systems. Additionally, ITP investigated the potential commercial options that could be considered for PNSW to develop solar systems on the sites. The most attractive commercial option for PNSW was found to be to engage a developer to build, own and operate the solar systems on the sites and sell the energy generated to PNSW / NSW Government under a long term PPA arrangement. Next steps required to progress the project were identified and advised to PNSW.

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