Hydrogen Research and Development Capabilities in South Australia

ITP Thermal was commissioned by the South Australian Government in 2018 to identify existing hydrogen research and development (R&D) capabilities within South Australia and the opportunities to extend these capabilities given local, national and international expertise, current and future hydrogen projects and industry developments.


We found South Australia’s local R&D capabilities are world class, applicable to a broad range of hydrogen-related research, development and commercialisation challenges, and are attracting strong interest and engagement from industry. We also identified opportunities for commercially oriented R&D to be stimulated through the creation of a local hydrogen market and industry in South Australia as well as further enhancement of R&D capabilities in South Australia through the targeting of research collaborations both nationally and internationally.

Further, we have identified capability development opportunities in distribution and systems analysis to support optimal design of hydrogen infrastructure, scope for South Australia to grow its involvement in relevant International Energy Agency (IEA) programs and to develop research collaborations with key trading partners such as Japan and South Korea. Chief Scientist of South Australia tweetPublic report

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