Renewable Energy options for Jigsaw Farms


Jigsaw Farms, a cattle-raising enterprise in central Victoria, aims to be a best-practice carbon-neutral business, and wants to reduce its electricity costs. It hired ITP Renewables to provide site-specific advice on renewable energy options and their approximate costs for its farmhouses and sheds. As part of this project, ITP Renewables:

  • visited the farm sites, and estimated their potential for ground-mounted and roof-mounted grid-connected PV systems
  • estimated the annual electricity savings to be had by switching the farmhouses’ hot water supply from electric storage to solar water heating
  • assessed the potential of the sites for small-scale wind generation
  • calculated the simple payback period for the proposed options, taking into consideration solar radiation at the sites, annual yield of the PV and solar hot water systems, capital costs (with and without STCs), and any prevailing feed-in tariff available to the farms.
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