Australian Parliament House

Rooftop PV

ITP Renewables provided the Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) with advice, costs and performance on options for solar hot water, building integrated PV windows and PV systems on the roof areas of the Parliament House buildings.


We then assisted with approvals, drafted the tender specifications for the Solar Trial and helped to evaluate the tenders. As part of the commissioning process, we inspected the PV systems and assisted with the operation and maintenance training for DPS staff. Finally, we delivered a performance evaluation and building integration report after six months’ operation, which included economic analysis and advice on potential expansion options. The work included:

  • shading analysis and a technical/economic feasibility study of solar hot water and grid-connected PV at eight potential sites
  • assisting with approvals, drafting of tender specifications and assisting with tender evaluation
  • commissioning inspections plus advice regarding monitoring and integrating into the Building Management System.
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