Solomon Islands Study

Potential for Renewable Energy

ITP Renewables was commissioned by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) in 2016 to assess the potential for increased renewable energy in the Solomon Islands.


This work involved assessing options for on-grid (including hybrid mini-grid) and off-grid projects to increase access to electricity and to reduce electricity tariffs. The work also involved a due diligence review of Solomon Power, to assess its financial, technical, and managerial capacity to manage the projects once installed. The project is one example of our leading work in international development, reflecting our depth of experience in understanding the unique challenges for donor agencies developing strategic, country specific development pathways, cross-donor coordination and prioritising projects to maximise effectiveness of development aid. ITP Renewables also assisted with the prioritisation of identified solar PV and battery energy storage projects for MFAT funding as part of the project.

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