Toowoomba City Aerodrome

PV Feasibility Study

ITP was engaged by the Toowoomba Regional Council to assess the technical feasibility and business case of a solar PV installation at the Toowoomba City Aerodrome, including a medium-scale solar farm on vacant space adjacent to the runway; rooftop PV on hangars at the aerodrome; and a small-scale ground-mounted behind-the-meter system.


The analysis had to take into consideration the continuation of aviation operations as a priority. This involved a Glint and Glare assessment; a Windshear assessment; and 3D modelling of aviation surfaces to ensure they were not penetrated by any prospective PV installation. ITP assessed electrical infrastructure and area constraints to determine an appropriate system, and presented a business case based on a range of revenue structures and possible future prices. The analysis also included discussion of submetering arrangements for hangar tenants purchasing electricity from a behind-the-meter system.

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