Tuvalu Fisheries Department PV and BESS

ITP Renewables supported the Tuvalu Fisheries Department to add photovoltaics and a battery energy storage system to their new building in Funafuti.


In 2018, the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade provided a new building for the Tuvalu Fisheries Department which would serve as not only a centre for economic and scientific activity, but also a disaster control centre in the event of a weather related emergency. As such, it was deemed necessary to have the facility able to function if the island's power supply was lost. Electrical generation on Funafuti atoll is also largely provided by ageing diesel generators, resulting in high power costs.

A PV and BESS system was specified by ITP to power the building at low operational cost even when the electrical network is lost, and ITP will provide ongoing contract management, procurement support, quality assurance and project management services to assist in the implementation of this system. [Image credit: Tuvalu Fisheries Department]

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