RET Solar Panel Inspections Program

Since 2009 ITP Renewables has conducted over 5,000 solar system inspections as a part of the Clean Energy Regulator’s small-scale installation inspections program. The inspections are of systems that have had small-scale technology certificates (STCs) created against them in the REC Registry as part of the Australian Governments’ Renewable Energy Target.

The inspections are to ensure that selected installations meet the legislated requirements for the creation of STCs including:

  • applicable Australian standards and industry guidelines; and
  • state/Territory and local government requirements.

The inspections also assist:

  • the Clean Energy Regulator in identifying systems that have certificates improperly created against them
  • state and Territory regulatory bodies responsible for electrical and building safety in identifying systems that do not meet State/Territory and local government requirements
  • the Clean Energy Council in identifying installers that have breached the Clean Energy Council accreditation guidelines.
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