ACTEDU Water and Gas Metering

ITP Renewables worked with ACT ED and the ACT schools to help raise the visibility, effectiveness and impact with water and gas sub-metering monitoring and exception reporting.


This is achieved through installation of IoT water/gas meter logging devices, which feed data into a bespoke data monitoring and logging system. Through this management system, exception monitoring of utilities through bill imports or meter loggers we can quickly and accurately detect abnormally high consumption (due, for example to an undetected water leak) or billing errors.

In the 2018-2019FY, ITP was able to identify over 190 incidents through Exception Monitoring, saving around 381 Mega litres of water, which is enough to fill 152 Olympic size swimming pools, with a total estimated annual cost saving of over $1million to the Directorate. Services provided included:

  • design, supply, installation and integration of IoT water and gas logging devices
  • site survey and photographic catalogue of water and gas meters
  • ACT survey of Taggle Low Power Wide Area (LPWAN) network coverage
  • systems and software development
  • operation and maintenance of the system on an ongoing basis
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