Comparison of Dispatchable Renewable Energy Options

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has commissioned a team led by the ITP Energised Group (ITPE) working with the Institute of Sustainable Futures and ITK Consulting to examine the various options for providing dispatchable renewable electricity generation.


As well as options such as combining wind and PV with batteries or pumped hydro, it will look at concentrating solar thermal, bioenergy and other technologies. We are examining individual technologies and combinations to classify their characteristics, appropriate uses, costs and cost dependencies in a transparent and consistent way, so that the full range of options available to Australia is clearly enunciated.

This 2018 study will directly inform the progress of ARENA’s investment priority on delivering secure and reliable electricity. It seeks to further the understanding of technology options to support a secure, reliable and affordable electricity system with higher shares of renewable energy. The results should inform future grid integration studies and will be relevant to discussion of new policies and market settings for electricity in Australia following on from the Finkel review. For Final Report and Levelised Cost Calculators see here For more information refer to the project overview report.

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