National Zoo and Aquarium

Energy audit & PV due diligence

The National Zoo and Aquarium Canberra (NZAC) engaged ITP Renewables in March 2019 to provide it with a walk-through audit of its electricity consumption and due diligence of a proposal it received for a grid-connected PV system and batteries.


NZAC management was intent on reducing its electricity expenditures, which had increased significantly since 2016. Management investigated two approaches to doing so: energy efficiency and renewable energy generation. Particular attention was placed on heating and cooling loads, as the Aquarium houses tropical fish and the water must be kept at a constant temperature year-round, and the hotel accommodation on site must cater to guests' comfort in the cold Canberra winters. ITP found that the NZAC was already operating efficiently, with improvements possible through the upgrading of water heating and air conditioning equipment at their end of life. Other than lighting upgrades, no immediate sources of efficiency improvements were identified.

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