MFAT Pacific Islands Energy Advisory

Since 2012, ITP Renewables has provided ongoing advisory services for renewable energy projects in the Pacific Islands for the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT).


Examples of projects that ITP Renewables has worked on in its capacity as the New Zealand Government MFAT’s renewable energy advisor include:

  • solar/battery mini-grid design and tender specifications for Tuvalu and southern Cook Islands
  • grid connected PV system feasibility and design for Samoa and Tuvalu
  • tender evaluation for grid-connected PV systems in Samoa and the Cook Islands, and mini-grid PV systems in the outer islands of Tuvalu and the Cook Islands
  • engineer to contract services including contract management, design reviews, and compliance inspections for grid connected PV systems in Samoa and the Cook Islands and off-grid systems in Tuvalu
  • design of diesel-based grids for Kiritimati Island, Kiribati, to improve power quality and facilitate integrating renewable energy technologies.
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