Pacific Renewables Snapshot

The Australian Pacific Climate Partnership commissioned ITP to provide a snapshot of renewable energy in the Pacific.

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This assessment covered fourteen Pacific Island Countries (PICs), the activity of international donors, Australian Government engagement, skills and training opportunities, and the capability of Australian contractors to deliver projects. All the PICs are actively pursuing renewable energy. They are motivated to reduce energy costs, displace imported diesel fuel, and meet international climate commitments. Several PICs have made substantial progress towards high levels of renewable energy supply, including Fiji and Tonga. Other countries have ambitious targets but will need increased support to make meaningful progress.

Most of the national utilities either have projects underway or have had renewable energy systems added to their grids in the last decade. ITP identified many options for Government to extend renewable energy partnerships in the region. There are opportunities at many levels, from increasing support for international donor renewable energy projects, through to expanding training programs, and enabling private sector participation.

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