Distributed Energy Resources Laboratory (DERlab)

A new home for innovation and research

This highly innovative, multi-million dollar project leverages contributions from ITP Renewables and its industry partners – ANU, UNSW, Evoenergy – as well as successfully securing a $1.5 million investment from the ACT Government’s Priority Investment Program.


The Distributed Energy Resource (DER) laboratory (DERlab) is located at the ANU and has an array of DER devices such as residential batteries, solar PV systems, inverters, and real and simulated controllable electrical loads. Using reconfigurable test berths, the facility provides open access for third party hardware/software developers, universities, and network and market operators to test and troubleshoot the interconnectivity and communications of technologies that monitor, control and coordinate distributed electrical generation, storage and demand response assets. The DERlab allows for safe testing of new interconnected technologies such as monitoring and communication devices, smart controllers, aggregation (VPPs) and market participation software and other innovative new products under development, in a multi-platform environment that simulates real-world conditions prior to roll-out. The aim is of the project to develop protocols for multi-technology solutions to avoid early technology lock-in and maximise the number of products which can be used across Australian networks.

ITP is proud to be lead partner in the project and has undertaken project management, concept and detailed design as well as engineering services for the new facility.

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