Turner School Hydrotherapy Pool

Heating Upgrade Feasibility

ITP was engaged by the ACT Government Education Directorate to undertake a feasibility study into upgrading the gas-fired hydrotherapy pool and space heating at Turner Primary School with a low- to zero-emission alternative.


The pool is purpose-built for the use of students with disabilities. Students with identified needs use the pool for therapeutic benefits within a school context. The pool, and the air in the hydrotherapy building containing it, are currently heated with a gas boiler system. ITP conducted a feasibility study investigating options for the most appropriate gas boiler replacement strategies.

In total four technologies are covered in the report including heat pumps, solar hot water, a biomass boiler and electric resistive heating. Where a new system is proposed that replaces gas with an electrical solution, a solar photovoltaic system is also proposed to offset the extra electrical energy used. A PV-only option is also presented as a method of offsetting the hydrotherapy gas boiler’s CO2-e emissions without replacing it. ITP also provided recommendations to reduce the current heating load. The report specifically focuses on solutions that provide value for money by reducing operational costs, while also reducing the school’s carbon footprint.

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