NatHERS Whole-of-home Methodologies

Solar and Batteries

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The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) provides a rating of the home’s thermal performance (building fabric) as a star rating (out of ten). In 2019 it was decided that the NatHERS should be expanded to offer nationally-accredited whole-of-home (WoH) tools, including on-site energy generation. In 2021, Energy Efficient Strategies (EES) led consultation with technical working groups, including members such as CSIRO, UNSW, and the University of Melbourne, to determine solutions and/or recommendations for the identified enhancements relating to the NatHERS Whole-of-Home National Calculation Methodologies.

ITP was engaged by EES as a technical expert for the Solar PV and Batteries section, working with EES to develop methodologies for calculating solar generation, battery operation, and how they would work with the NatHERS assessment tool. These were presented in the NatHERS Benchmark Tool Report - Solar and Batteries. The recommendations will undergo an approval process to be implemented in the NatHERS Whole-of-Home Benchmark tool.

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