Pacific Electricity Sector Review and Renewable Energy Pipeline Development

Developing a private sector RE project pipeline

This wide ranging review of the status of the electricity sector in Pacific Island Countries allowed the identification of RE projects suitable for private sector development.


Under a contract with Pollination, who were engaged by the Pacific NDC Hub, ITP Renewables developed a pipeline of renewable energy projects across the Pacific region that could be funded by the private sector, rather than official development assistances. ITP utilised their extensive knowledge of the state of the electricity sector in Papua New Guinea and Pacific Islands Countries to undertake a systematic review of the electricity sector in each country. This review covered high-level financial, regulatory, and technical constraints and possibilities in each country, leading to the identification of several potential renewable energy projects. Feasibility studies were conducted for the four most promising projects. For these projects, a concept level design was developed for a system which could be integrated with the existing generation fleet. Yield estimates were determined in PVSyst and the system size was optimized through a techno-economic optimization in the HOMER modelling program. This informed the development of project cost estimates, which were then used to model financial feasibility.  Each site was also assessed from a regulatory perspective, with in-country contacts utilised to engage with stakeholders and ensure that all relevant project risks were considered. The resulting feasibility reports were of sufficient detail for the client to present to private investors and further develop each project.

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