Rota Island Feasibility Study

Solar PV and BESS

In early 2021 ITP was engaged to conduct a PV and BESS feasibility study in the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)

aerial-shot-bird-s-eye-view-drone-shot-175246_Nicholas Logan.jpeg

ITP is providing expert advice to AP Consulting Group, a local construction consultant, to determine the optimal generation mix for Rota Island on behalf of the government utility. Like many small Pacific islands, Rota is dependent on imported diesel for its electricity. The national utility is investigating alternative energy sources to reduce operational expenses, improve the reliability of supply, and accommodate future load growth. ITP has completed site selection and system sizing activities as precursors to the feasibility study.

Several suitable sites have been identified by the local consultant, with ITP providing guidance and validation. We used energy balance modelling to determine the optimal Solar PV and BESS system size. ITP has commenced load flow modelling, preliminary design activities, and detailed financial analysis. Once these studies are completed, we will provide advice on the best solutions available to the utility.

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