Solar Farm Glint and Glare Assessment

Visual Impact Studies

Glare from large scale PV projects has the potential to create safety hazards and visual impacts for local residents in areas surrounding a Solar Farm. ITP has conducted more than 30 Glint and Glare Assessments for various developers across Australia.


ITP routinely undertakes quantitative assessments of the potential for glare impact from proposed solar farms. ITP uses the Solar Glare Hazard Analysis Tool (SGHAT) by ForgeSolar to evaluate glare resulting from solar farms at different viewpoints, based on the location, orientation, and specifications of the PV modules. This tool is required by the United States FAA for glare hazard analysis near airports and is also recognised by the Australian Government Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Sensitive receivers covered for assessment are:

  • Surrounding residential/commercial buildings
  • Traffic users on nearby major roads
  • Air traffic control towers
  • Runway approaches and flight paths

Based on the results, ITP provides mitigation measures for reduction of glare impact.

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