Solar Landfill

An Australian First


ITP was engaged by Joule Energy to provide the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) of a 100 kW ground-mounted PV system to be installed at the Wollert Landfill site in Victoria. Part-funded by a $100,000 grant from ARENA (the Australian Renewable Energy Agency) Joule Energy commissioned ITP Renewables to design and construct a solar PV farm to trial three ground-mounting options and measure their relative performance over time (as the land shifted) noting key advantages and disadvantages. It was also important to maintain the integrity of the sub-surface landfill gas reservoir that fed into the pre-existing methane gas plant on site.

Approximately two-thirds of the panels were mounted as single-modules on ballast mountings, a further 20% on multi-module ballast mountings and the remainder on micro-pile mountings (by driving small piles into the ground). ITP Renewables installed 384 panels at the site, generating 100kw that is being used to provide power to the landfill site’s methane gas plant nearby. The result is that more renewable energy can now be fed back into the grid.

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