Tokelau Renewable Energy Project

The South Pacific nation of Tokelau became the first country in the world to have all of its electricity needs met by solar power.


Designed by Powersmart Solar in partnership with ITP Renewables, construction of the combined 1 MW of stand-alone PV spread across the three atolls was completed in October 2012. Our staff have many years of experience operating in the remote islands of the Pacific, and were in Tokelau working with the community to build this cutting edge off-grid system. The work included: For more information watch a report of the project on 3News New Zealand and view the virtual fly-through of the project created by Powersmart.

  • design of PV system and associated equipment for use in a remote tropical marine environment
  • preparing training materials and monitoring procedures for the long-term operation of the system
  • installation and commissioning of the PV system in conjunction with Powersmart staff
  • logistical support to Powersmart.
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