UCLA Solar Thermal Advisory

ITP Thermal are collaborating with the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of California, Los Angeles, assisting with their US Department of Energy Sunshot Award project entitled “Solar Thermochemical Storage with Anhydrous Ammonia“.


The research project examines the technical and commercial potential for storing thermal energy produced by CSP heliostat fields via the reversible dissociation of ammonia into hydrogen and nitrogen gas. Recombination of these gases via the ubiquitous Haber-Bosch process releases this heat at a later time, allowing for a regular steam turbine to produce renewable electricity on demand. The work includes:

  • developing an options paper on high pressure underground storage of ammonia
  • optimisation modelling of the dissociation tube and receiver design
  • thermodynamic modelling of dissociation process in the receiver
  • general oversight of UCLA’s Research and Development.
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